Sweetwater Inn Pet Policies

We are happy to accommodate your pets at Sweetwater Inn. There is a fee of $20 per pet per night. Out of consideration for your surroundings and your fellow guests, we ask that you kindly observe the following policies:

  • Please note that we only accept pet dogs, and there is a limit of 2 dogs per room. 
  • Please do not leave your pet alone in your room. Pets frequently become nervous in new surroundings and sometimes create damage or make unnecessary noise as a result.
  • A pet sheet will be provided to cover your pet’s sleeping area, the bed or any other furniture your pet may climb on. We also provide a towel for wet and muddy paws.
  • When walking on Sweetwater grounds, please keep your pet on a leash. We appreciate your pet being supervised at all times.
  • A small shovel and garbage bin can be found next to the laundry room door. Please clean up after your pet.
  • Please be courteous of our guests. Some people are allergic, afraid of or not used to animals.

In the unlikely event that your pet incurs damage, you will be charged for the actual cost for excessive cleaning, repairs and/or replacement.

Thank you for your cooperation.