About Sweetwater Inn and Spa


Sweetwater Inn and Spa is located in the village of Mendocino at 44840 Main Street across the street from the Presbyterian church easy walking distance to shops, galleries and restaurants and just a stone's throw away from the path to the beach. The Inn consists of the front historic Victorian building which has two upstairs rooms and a downstairs suite, three private cottages, and two water tower suites. With the spa nestled in close by and two of Mendocino’s finest restaurants on either side you could say we are a “village within the village.”

We also have more lodging options that are nearby:

The Nicholson House Inn & Spa: Adjacent to the northern edge of the Sweetwater property on Ukiah Street.  Seven historic and charmingly decorated rooms to chose from.

Mendocino View Luxury Suites: Just two blocks north of Sweetwater Inn. Two gorgeous second story flats with private balconies and nice views.

The Redwood Cottage: 3/4 of a mile east of the village, a private cottage in the Redwoods with a hot tub.

The Ohana House: 2 miles south of the village, a family vacation home in a quiet setting.

The Star House Lodge:  8.4 miles north of the Sweetwater Inn & Spa office in South Fort Bragg, on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A remarkably romantic spot suitable for 4 adults.


Sweetwater Inn

Sweetwater Inn and Spa has been owned and managed by a small group of friends since 1985. It was originally named Sweetwater Gardens by it’s founder John Fliessbach who lovingly built the redwood hot tubs and sauna and refurbished the Sweetwater Tower with the help of friends. It was the first Spa in Mendocino to provide therapeutic massage and is still the only spa in the village with redwood soaking tubs and saunas. When the Sears House Inn next to the Sweetwater Gardens came up for sale in 1996 John invited his friend Hank McCusker to purchase it with him to create the Sweetwater Inn and

Spa. John and Hank fixed up the the water towers, cottages and the historic Victorian Inn.  In August of 2016 Hank and his wife Anne took over the Nicholson House Inn on the northern edge of our property.  Over the years they've also added the Mendocino View Luxury Suites two blocks to the north of the Inn, the Ohana House vacation rental two miles south of Mendocino, the Redwood Cottage 1 mile east of the village, the Star House Lodge in South Fort Bragg on the bluff overlooking the ocean, and are about to open another lodge in Little River at Buckhorn Cove. Meanwhile Anne and Hank are happily running the inns and the spa with the help of their dedicated staff.