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Happy Holidays

December 09 2015

12/9/15 The Festival of Lights 2015 at the Botanical Garden in Fort Bragg had a great inaugural a few days ago.

They will re-appear in all their splendor every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. until December 20th. It’s a delight for the whole family! Adults: $10, Children under 16 free of charge.

We, at Sweetwater Inn & Spa have a deep and abiding commitment to sustainable business practices.

· We only use “all-green” cleaning products and very carefully monitor water consumption in all aspects of our business.

· To that end, we’ve upgraded to “low flush toilets” – which use only about 1 gallon per flush.

· Our spa mineralizes and ozonates our hot tubs to minimize bromine usage.

· We only use organic fertilizers on our landscaping, and never use herbicides or pesticides.

· We partner with Cafe Beaujolais, which features locally grown organic produce, humanely-raised meat products and locally caught fish.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Beautiful Mendocino!

November 11 2015

The weather has been incredible here in the last little while. We had a few drops over the last weekend but by Sunday afternoon the sky cleared and the sun poured down golden rays on our part of Paradise…

Meanwhile, as folks are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, some of the wiser ones have chosen to make reservations at one or another of our fine eateries here in Mendocino and spend these glorious days on our coast… and the brisk nights in one of our comfy rooms snuggling in front of a fireplace. Of course, no matter how—or even if—you choose to celebrate this holiday, we here at Sweetwater Inn wish you the best!


The Mushroom, Beer and Wine Festival still going strong! The rains haven’t been as steady as in years past, so the ‘shroonms haven’t been as plentiful, but some of the adventurous foragers came out of the woods with pretty respectable hauls. And of course, lungs filled with the most amazing, healthful air in the world… It is certainly a very invigorating hobby.

Getting ready for the Holidays!

With the nights getting a little brisk around here and the sun setting earlier, we’re beginning to look forward to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Mendocino always fills up with a festive crowd this time of the year. You can walk down Main or along Lansing and hear accents and dialects from all over the world. It’s really quite an amazing show. And we love to be part of it!

Mushrooms and Holiday Lights

November 03 2015

We’re excited about the upcoming Mushroom, Wine and Beer Fest!!

Join us for our annual celebration of the mushroom, our county’s favorite fungi, starting November 6 and running through November 15, 2015!

Every year, as the first rains start to fall, mushrooms flourish in abundance in our county, which is home to over 3,000 types of mushrooms. It’s THE perfect place to sample and pick some of the 500 types of delicious edible mushrooms such as chanterelles, porcinis, morels, and hedgehogs, and even the extremely rare candy cap mushroom, a culinary treat with an intense maple syrup flavor – which only grows along our coast – and makes for delicious ice cream as well!

There is a multitude of activities designed to delight you: mushroom, winemaker, and brewmaster dinners, mushroom exhibits, guided mushroom forays, bike, kayak and equine adventures, wine and mushroom pairings, and much more! All of it within easy reach of the Sweetwater Inn & Spa.

Take your time to discover all that Mendocino County has to offer:

gourmet restaurants, picturesque villages, friendly wineries, outstanding breweries, majestic redwoods, and a rugged seaside. Indulge yourself with a gourmet mushroom feast at an amazing winemaker or brewmaster dinner, then cozy up by the fire at the end of your perfect day in one of our unique cottages or bungalows and rest up so you can start the next day with an art class, join a foraging adventure, attend a performance, visit our numerous galleries, or simply relax and do nothing at all. We look forward to seeing you in November. For details, check out the 2015 Mushroom Festival brochure.

And now, for something completely different: Full-time power back-up!!

Being located here at the Mendocino Coast, surrounded by Redwoods and forests full of all kinds of trees as we are, there’s always a possibility that some branch breaks off a tree and takes out a power line during a winter storm, although it hasn’t happened very often. In the last two winters we’ve only had two outages that lasted more than an hour or so: early in 2015, there was an outage that lasted through the night, while in the winter of 2014 we had an outage that lasted almost twice that long.

But because nothing is as important to us at Sweetwater Inn & Spa than your comfort and safety, and since we don’t want your stay here in Paradise to be interrupted or inconvenienced in any way for whatever reason, we are in the process of installing a complete power backup system to ensure that your stay at our Inn is as enjoyable as we can make it.

Really looking forward to this: The Holiday Festival of Lights!!

A delightful Holiday-themed light-show will grace the beautifully groomed paths of the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens as tens of thousands of twinkling lights transform the gardens into a blossoming winter wonderland to create a magical mood for the holidays.

The show runs from November 27th until December 20th, 2015. Here’s a smattering of images from the last few years:

festival of lights

More soon! Watch this space…